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Applied Mathematics employs a variety of mathematical methods and techniques to explore, describe, and predict the behavior of scientific, industrial, and engineering phenomena. Applied Mathematics appeals to individuals interested in applying their mathematical interests and skills to real-world problems.

There is a need nationally for individuals with rigorous training in applied mathematics. Graduates of our program acquire the necessary applied mathematical skills needed to help meet this demand. We are one of the three SUNY campuses offering a degree in Applied Mathematics.

Applied mathematicians have the skills needed to pursue careers as statisticians, demographics analysts, scientific programmers, cryptographers, biological systems analysts, statistical forecasters, computer modeling consultants, reliability analysts, and aerospace systems analysts. They obtain employment in fields as diverse as aerospace, oil exploration, electrical manufacturing, geology, actuarial science, chemistry, communications, and computing. Health sciences, applied science, and engineering offer additional prospects to applied mathematicians in the academic, business, industrial, and government sectors. The basic skills required to succeed in any of these fields are acquired in the Applied Mathematics Program.

Applied Mathematics Program Sheet (pdf)

Revised October 2007